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One Good Night Erases The Rough Night Before

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It Is Amazing How Soon We Can Forget

One incredibly unbearable night at work

Where you are ready to through the towel in

Then somehow you made it to the end

You couldn't wait to go to sleep

Putting the craziness and the chaos behind you

Only to face the realization

Today you have to do it all over again

Then to your surprise

It is as if the whole world has changed in a night

This time at work

Things went smooth and were very organized

Even though you are working with some of the same people

You couldn't have planned it better

Now looking back at both nights

The good night is still vivid in my mind

While the bad night is a distant fading memory

I am not sure if that is the way life was designed to work

I think it is awesome

Now it makes it so much easier

To get up and start all over again

Which to my recollection

Has been over ten thousand times

I feel we learn many lessons along the way

In the end, we are better because of each trial and struggle

It has help mold us to who we are today

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