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One Day, Yeah One Day

I am no poet, just a thrower of words. Still wandering what's life and why and how did I end up here?

Death is Here

One day, When the clock and its strings
Shall stop for me, and it shall strike for
One last time, before it bites silence
Forever, that One day shall come and
Who is there to stop the unstoppable
Cease the moment of truth.The answer
Is No One. But before that one day, I
Will move my brain train, one last time.

One day, when my eyes shall see the beauties
Of the world; the rivers, the seas, the lakes and springs
All the wonders- no more.When I shall not see the faces
The original replica of loved ones, no more.

One day, when my ears will no longer respond
To the sweetness of voices; the cuckoo, the robin
And the nightingale. I shall not hear them playing the songs
Of love and reunion in the passionate evenings of

One day, when my senses shall sense no more
The touch of air, the smell of food, the feel of love,
The presence of you, the memories of you
The smiles of the child, the grim of the old- all gone
And rested deep in the dark.

One day, when the journey of breaths shall hold
The movement of limbs is in a disarray, the life's own
Motion is turned into an inertia of death, every paint
Shall be paint-less, a new journey is at hand and soul
Looks at it at sixes and sevens.

That One day will be too late to utter the words
That I for long wished to say; the words for you
Coming from my hearts' deepness- that My love!
"I lived my life loving you, and gave it away missing you."
"That I saw my life searching for you, threw it wishing for you."
"And that is all before the day comes, and you will realize."
One day- yeah One day!

© 2017 Kashif Ali Abbas