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One Day Maybe

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I am studying in college for my medical administration degree. I blog about poetry and short stories.

Why This Poem?

I wrote this poem because I believe I can make something out of my writing. I don't have to be a one of the greats or make millions but I can make my mark. Can't I? Maybe I can and maybe I can't but there's always that positive possibility and I will hold on to that.


Maybe I'll be in a museum one day

showing off my talent

maybe they'll talk about me one day

and people will write about it

maybe one day.

Final Thoughts

How did you guys like it? I think we've all been at that moment where we feel as if we can do something extraordinary one day. And we all do really... In our own special way and I think that's great.

Maybe I will be a known for some writing piece I've done or maybe I'll just be known as the "girl who loved to write." Either way, I'm happy regardless.

I hope you all enjoyed this short poem! Thank you so much for reading!

See you later darlings!

Poets House

A library filled with poetry that I would love to visit

A library filled with poetry that I would love to visit

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