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One Bloodline, One Great Country


Not to matter how much they rail, making a superior claim,

All are as one under the sun, our blood runs red, the same.

Revealed beneath the curtain, nothing but a deceitful game,

Some seeking a bright spotlight, their chance to gain fame.

Not just a special race, but a huge multi-racial congregation,

Never should there have been a division, that of segregation.

The people live and to populate this magnificent world place,

Each one a part of the whole, hand in hand, and face to face.


A united citizenry is stronger by far than those to be dividing,

This to be the reason one represents us all, to be presiding.

Strong leaders make all the difference, words to be so true,

Those fair and dedicated to a nation, the red, white and blue.

No room for errors or to slander anyone, for any head of state,

A most respected and admired premier, honesty to punctuate.

When in the course of human events, the people must prevail,

Their decision as to who shall so lead, dependable, without fail.


A country so great, with endless possibilities to advance,

Should never be left to uncertainty, or to fail, perchance.

The goodness and caring of the few cannot be secured,

The majority must stand up and count, all to be assured.

Our Lord God made us everyone, us to be a sharing entity,

The future of all so depends on this condition, is a certainty.

As goodness is the best character in a story so left to gauge,

Let our history record that we were best actors on the stage.