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One Among Many


One voice heard, cries in the distance,

so sent from among the vast multitude.

Just one pilgrim of the wilderness,

to loudly shout in their own gratitude.

Thanking their Lord God for their life,

one He has so gracefully given to them,

Knowing in their own heart of hearts,

this would never to be done without Him.

Only one soul is never ever enough,

to withstand the loss of all freedoms.

Despite attempts in regards to all's demise,

this great loss, for so many reasons.

The greatest neglect, the ones suspect,

loudly in brave boasting of their deeds.

A fearful rush in saving the whole,

from this terrible guilt, never succeeds.


When will those concerns of us all,

of the masses, to be so addressed?

The greedy and much unconcerned,

each brought to justice, all confessed?

How long to take in saving ourselves,

our precious world, in its perilous state?

Must we all watch the mountains fall,

the oceans to rise, is this, our fate?

Will we awaken from this bad dream,

our nightmare so dark, one so dreary?

All then to scream and in asking why,

until we're so tired and so weary?

Or shall we act, by taking the reigns,

of this ship's helm, once again,

stand together, driving as one, united,

and right our vessel, then to begin?


© 2018 whonunuwho

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