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Once upon a Dream of Mine

Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.


I gently closed my eyes amidst the noisy crowd

Listening to old love songs that relive old memories

And I danced slowly, romantically as if someone's holding my hands

And when I opened my eyes, I saw you

I saw and felt you are holding my hands as we dance

It feels like a fairytale I dreamed of all the time

I stared right into your eyes while you stared back

That eyes of yours are sparkling like diamonds

It feels so good that I don't want to break free at all

The music finally stops but the fast beating of my heart does not

You smiled at me and whispered words into my ears

I shed tears upon hearing those words from you, then

You leaned back, let go of my hands and disappear

I roamed my eyes around the place

But then there's no trace of you there

Frantically, I rushed to the place where I first saw you

But still, you're not there anymore

I closed my teary eyes

And when I wake up, I knew already

That it was all a dream, a dream I created myself

Because the real us could only be together once upon a dream

© 2019 Dens Yang

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