Once is Enough

Updated on March 7, 2018

Why do you look with such hate in your eyes?

A hate that's blacker than midnight skies.

What is this game you want me to play?

What do you ant me to do today?

Do you want me to sing? Do you want me to dance?

Embarrass me because now is your chance.

I won't let your hatred take it's toll.

I will not let you have my soul.

Don't play with me. I am not a toy.

Let me be happy and have my joy.

Why must you always bring pain to me?

Why am I riddled with misery?

Why try so hard to push me down -

When you know that I will never drown?

You did a good job. You showed off your stuff.

You hurt me once and once is enough.

Now it's time – the tables are turned.

Now you'll know what it's like to get burned.

Now I'm equipped and ready to fight.

You took my pride and you had no right.

I'll tear you down, piece by piece.

Until you give up; until you cease.

You started a game that you don't portray.

Well that's one game I will not play.

© 2018 Angela Tagliamonte


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    • AngelaTagliamonte profile image

      Angela Tagliamonte 12 days ago from Florida

      Thank you, Ahmed

    • Ahmed Sabry profile image

      Ahmed Sabry 12 days ago from Egypt

      Very good nice ^^