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Once Upon a Time I Vanished and There Was Only You

You, consumer of my heart. Have it, use it, as I've forgotten what to do with it



Nailed in the last spike
Like blood, the rust is flowing
Down my arms and to my feet
Playing the martyr game so well
I wonder why I return only to drop
Go back? I never left.
I am at your feet
With bloodied plume in hand
Drawing out how each tear is different
Every salt crystal, like snow
Falls down as I have fallen
Until shadows come and
Blackness covers my sins
I await the morning
When hope will fail again
Leaving that thick drape
Black night, no harvest
Armless I lean into you
Falling, my position, man
Is at your feet.
The night opens the hole
I dig in; the drape drops with me
Watering the cypress
And snapdragons. Man, I'm low
Signing my name to your card
I wait for burial
Just to be at your feet
There is no me, only you

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