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Once In a Blue Moon Comes a Time....

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Time and tide waits for none. Make use of the opportunity before it gets late. Regrets are the by-products of lost time not well spent.

Once in a Blue Moon Quote

"It's only once in a blue moon that we find the golden opportunities of our life'

Time and tide wait for none,

so get up and get your things done,

Don't wait for a minute late,

as opportunity strikes as per your fate.

Once in a blue moon,

comes a time so bright,

to reveal you the true light,

Get hold of, don't lose,

this is the time to choose.

Losers whine, winners shine,

It all a game of dime,

life's secrets are revealed to those,

who never let their palms close.

Once in a blue moon,

things go as you truly plan,

this is the moment of triumph,

and unfolding of a new life.

Venturing out with confidence,

before the opportune time,

is a trait winners use to get to the finishing line,

and ultimately rest on cloud nine.

Once in a blue moon,

you find friends who are a boon,

and who never croon,

treasure them as a special gift,

as they are the ones who give your life the royal lift.

The measure you give,

is the measure you get,

So live your life,

as its a test,

You get what you sow,

Nothing more, nothing less.

© 2020 Danny

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