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Once A Dreamer Always A Dreamer

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Not A Bad Thing

It can be tough at times

Dreaming so far into the future

People think we have lost our minds

Telling our close friends and family what we think

Is one big mistake

Only to find out they are scared for us

They do not share our dreams

They think the opposite

I am pretty sure

They want to scream

They not only don't see eye to eye

They want to turn

Then run and hide

So now I take my ideas to my dearest friends

Hear on my favorite writing site

Where I have made my home

I have found comfort and compassion

Even though my family and friends have made it crystal clear

It is all a distraction

A way to escape the real world

A fantasy that never will come true

I insist they should give it a try

You might enjoy and find something really special

Learning from other writers

Who have the deepest passion

They make all my deepest thoughts seem like cravings

I thought I had the big turkey

The biggest one I have ever seen

For the 2021 Thanksgiving Dinner

Now I have learned all I really had is all the fixings

Just a little of white meat and part of a leg

Which by the way was delicious

A little late

Never stopped me from thinking

A thought that never made it on that special day

I hope everyone had a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving

Spending it with their family and friends

Enjoying each others company

Eating so much we feel like an over stuffed bird

These are the times I hold dear to my heart

Watching other people in my life

Enjoying not just the day

The people they love the most

Family and friends

To have one meal of many

Soon I know only to well

This meal will be forgotten

Just like the bones of the carcass

Tossed in the trash

It served its purpose

It has no more meaning

Even the left overs will be eaten

With joy I may add

I was one of the luckiest people alive

I went visiting

I came and ate and helped clean up

Working my way through all the beautiful desserts

I was sent home with the biggest goody bag

My wife and I had two more meals after that

I am blessed

So even if we don't share the same desires

Things could be so much worse

I could of been born a big bird

Even worse a turkey

© 2021 DREAM ON