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On the Importance of 'Touch' in All It's Many Manifestations.



How touched we are in this life. Touched by sorrow, touched by strife,

Touched by words the singer sings. Touched by oh, so many things,

Touched by the soul of another. A child, a pet, the smile of a lover.

Touched by the warmth of the noonday sun, mischief and it's sense of fun.

Touched by life and by death.

Touched by the scent of a babies breath.

Touched by the love in a mothers eyes. The sound of a lovers tender cries,

You're touched by me. I am touched by you. Each day touched by something new,

Each touch unique in its way, Touch a surety each day,

N'ere underestimate the power of touch.

T'is something we all need so much.

Touch another this very day, feel that touch comeback your way.

© 2019 Carole Emb

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