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On the Hobe Sound Beach

Maya Ellenson is keen on creating unconventional poetry and prose, inspired by what the moment reveals.

Wooden Sculpture on the Beach

Jupiter Island, Florida

Jupiter Island, Florida

Sculpture Adrift on the Ocean Waves

On the beach

a fallen pine metamorphosed

into a piece of wooden sculpture

the moment’s unintended masterpiece

no one can ever copy

exposed to the four essential elements:

water earth air and fire—

Nature’s medium to sculpt

blended in both simple

and arcane language

some call alchemy

perhaps it’s the fifth element

the most potent of all engaged

behind the scene

the artist with four hands --

his four conduits

to carve

setting his own creation

free to the ocean plume-like waves


to any form it takes

as it drifts away

Feathery Waves

Jupiter Island, Florida

Jupiter Island, Florida


Hobe Sound Beach, Florida

Hobe Sound Beach, Florida

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