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On the Coast

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

Standing on the Coast


Standing on the Coast

Have to love the waves

Then we have to go down into the middle.

Kayaks do not cross like this

Hull freshly

And also have to be saved from whirlpools.

Standing on the Coast

Just seeing the storm does not work.

It is believed that many kayaks drown in waves.

Still, one has to dive into the sea to be fearless.

Become a traveller in life,

like that kayaks

Who is fond of playing with the waves all the time.

What will happen if there is a fear of drowning

The kayaks will be you

Off the coast, those who take you down

What will the river be able to do with you.

Let the waves hit again and again

But the courage puts it on.

Do you live without the fear

We have to win by defeat.


Whirlpool of Life



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