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On in 5

drifting in an ocean of possibilities

floating through the winding essences of life

air so soft, my sails are full of lofty far-off memories

some thoughts will stay with me forever

other thoughts will just stay unpolished seeds

they will stay buried deep in the sands of the desert

never to see the dawn of light

never to mature in the fallowed land

buried ideas born to fill the space of emptiness

a shapeless discussion tarnished by cynicism

disappointments from useless thoughts emerge

dancing with madness before my chance to deliver

my speech on a ceasefire will be cut short

a victim of poor structure and a terrible anatomy


DREAM ON on November 25, 2018:

Life is funny in many ways. We have so much freedom to do and see so much. Then if we choose to do nothing we can also do that. I just think the more we do the more we understand and appreciate. Keep writing and expressing all your interests and views. Sharing is caring. Believing in oneself to accomplish the little and the greatest of all things. Even if you don't see comments it doesn't mean nobody is reading. It just means maybe they are shy or quiet or they have different plans. Thank you for taking the time to express your ideas and I for one is happy you did. I hope your Thanksgiving is not over because the holiday has passed. I keep trying to dig deeper and find a way we all can give thanks all year long. One way is through writing and the other way is through reading what so many people have to say. Thank you for being a good friend.

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