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On a Rainy Midnight

On A Rainy Midnight
By: Christle Marie Caparas

I see, the weather is rainy,
The mood is gloomy,
And I'm here sitting at the balcony,
Drinking a cup of hot coffee,
The best match while doing poetry.

Oh how good it feels, total serenity,
Away from all of the world's worries and uncertainty,
Close to my happy self and to the Almighty,
It's rainy and I feel refreshed and happy!

The sound of raindrops are a music so lovely,
While I can't cry for my self, the heavens cried for me,
It's heart melting to feel the raindrops' sympathy,
Flowing through my palms, bringing away my agony.

Now it's dawn, I'm done with my coffee and the rain's gone,
And so all the pain and sorrow,
It's true that after the rain comes a rainbow,
A risen hope for me, together with rising of the sun.

© 2019 Christle Caparas