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On a Rainy Evening

The poet is a medical student with a weird sense of humour and spends a great deal of time exploring ways to flourish his cultural insight.


On a Rainy Evening

I listenend to the rain showering all evening today,
The ceaseless patter where they fell,
The melody it created,the murmers on tin built roofs.
The wild chatter of birds it awakened on mahogonis,
In far orchards or in distant bamboo yards
The echoes,drifted by winds from clouds, across
The skies, which mingle with the faintly heard
Whispers of forests, leaves and grass. I sat,
Peeping through my wooden window, drifted in,
Entranced and slipped into an endless void.
My nerves tingled and stirred like tender leaves,my senses
Drenched and refreshed by moisture, clean and new.

© 2020 Hasibul Islam Apon

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