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On Trust and Love


On Trust and Love

There is a dark and ugly mass
hanging over our heads
just past the exosphere
This dark rock, when touched by light,
becomes enchanted, truly a sight
making man and wolf swoon
as it passes from phase to phase
you know it as the Moon

There is a thornbush; painful, angry, bitter
when it finally opened her heart to trust,
allowed itself the touch of heat and light,
it gave us the Rose
enchanting birds, bees and men alike

There existed a dark, cold and barren wasteland
in a family of 7 siblings
when touched by light, heat and love
it turned into the beautiful planet
we cherish and call mother Earth

Anything touched by light and heat
tenderness and love
Flourishes, and in turn nourishes
passing that love and gentleness along
in ecstasy, eternally

When the soul is touched by the Divine Light, Heat, and Love
When friend comes into contact with Friend
Angels understand why they were told to bow.

There is Light and light, Love and love, Friend and friend.
Learn to trust the process.

I was ugly.
Then I trusted Love,
Love shined His Light on me
and I became a mountain of emeralds

Now all I need to do is open half an eye,
and I see the full spectrum
Every atom, every beam of light chanting,
to the tune

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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