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On the Wings of Eagles (an Inspirational Poem)

John is a poet, short fiction, and freelance writer who also trained in home ministry and Bible study.


I sometimes look up and watch in amazement and wonder at an eagle soaring so high and effortlessly, rising in the air currents with barely a need to move it's wings.

The eagle is often thought of as the king of birds, being able to soar higher and for longer than any other. Because of this, it is seen as being closer to God and sometimes a symbol to represent the Lord himself.

I wish I could be that eagle, and see the world from high with its sharp eyes.

On The Wings Of Eagles

Mighty, mighty eagle

Ruler of the sky,

Give me your powerful wings

So that I may fly.

Soar above the turmoil,

Fly above the strife.

Give me your eagle eyes

So I can look at life.

Whirl and dive within a storm,

Mocking nature's power.

Give me your fearlessness

So nothing makes me cower.

Soaring to a higher realm

No other bird can reach.

Give me your tranquility

So God's word I can teach.

Rise up on the breath of God,

Close to Heaven's door.

Teach me how to harness power

So I can stop all war.


© 2014 John Hansen

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