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On The Road To Recovery

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Words That Sing A Different Tune

After all these years

Age had a way of catching up with me

In work my knee twisted

Near the end of my shift

I shook it off like I always do

Went home and every pain seemed to disappear

Only to come back in the middle of the night

A shooting knee pain that wouldn't leave

No matter what I did

I tried to move

Either way was more pain

My wife quickly read on line

It said ice the knee and massage the leg

Moments away from calling an ambulance

The pain left as quickly as it had come

Unlike all the other days at work

This night changed them all

It is common to have many ailments on any given day or night

Through years of working and physical activity

I have learned to live with them

They come with every job or trade

So I called my doctor

They are short staffed and couldn't see me for three days

Having to go to work later that day

Urgent was my thought

So my wife drove me to a walk in clinic

I was blessed the first clinic we called had a three to four hour wait

They recommended another clinic

I was seen right away

Examined and x-rays taken

It could be a torn meniscus ?

I had to wait to see a orthopedic doctor

No work today and we have to wait to see what the doctor says

He said he can't see any major damage

With therapy he said I can return to work next week

All excited I left there

Good news that didn't seem to last

Two days later the pain returned and I couldn't even stand

Short lived happiness

Now I had to tell work tell work change in plans

I can't return

When I told them two days earlier

I was good to go

Off to the physical therapist

After examination and some exercises

A knee brace and I am so confused

Therapy for the next five weeks

We have to wait and see

First week of therapy and feeling better

It's scary when we don't know whats wrong with us

Sometimes it's even more scary to find out what is

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