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On The Downward Slide

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Where Too Much Good Becomes Bad

To think when you are having fun

Then to watch that fun develop into something special

Over and over again

How could it possibly turn sour?

I thought it would never happen

Well there happens to be an old saying

My father told me many times

Everything in moderation

Where anything we did too often

Becomes a problem

It starts to take control of you

Instead of you deciding when and where

It can be as simple as eating, exercising and working all taken to the extreme

We start to notice our life change

Our values start to change also

Other interests that we use to do become less and less

I think that could be where something turns into an obsession

Somewhere down the line we no longer have the same enjoyment we use to have

If we are smart we can see the slow but gradual change

We can change it before it becomes to late

I think many people who get hooked on drinking and drugs

Fall into this category

Soon it becomes very hard or impossible to stop

Our mind can play tricks on us

Instead of being our best friend

It can turn against us

When I was younger I wanted to make money

I found that if I did odd jobs around the house

My mom and dad would pay me

It wasn't long after

I wanted to make more money

I remember offering to do other jobs to make extra cash

Then asking other people

I thought it was a good thought

What a great way to make more money

After awhile it became real easy

To slip into a trap

Always bringing up money in conversation

Looking to work more

For more money

My mind got thinking

Then I only wanted to do things if I got paid for it

My father said that was selfish

Right or wrong

He always got the final say

He stopped paying me

Until I smartened up

When we do something long enough

For any period of time

It becomes real easy to want to do it again and again

I still believed it was earning money to save up for my future

After awhile I noticed many of my friends didn't have the same desire

The same drive

I thought it was o.k.

If we parted our separate ways

These were friends I had for years

I can make new friends

It wasn't long after

I missed my old friends

Then I found out my new friends weren't friends at all

They too were only concerned about money

It's a fine line not to cross

A tight rope we walk

A balancing act that can be so decieving

Soon I returned back to my old friends

I was happier

The old saying money doesn't make you happy

Is true

There are many things I still don't undertand

I don't know all the how's and why's

From there on

I still enjoyed making money

Not all the time and with everyone I meet

Many of the things my father taught me still ring in my ears

He has been gone for 28 years

There is a time and place for everything

I found the time to write because it felt right

I hope this odd lesson that took me awhile to learn

Can help benefit you in some small way

So go out and make today a beautiful day

Keep trying many things and be careful not to do

Too much of any one thing

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