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On Some Real S***

You only said that s***

cus I said that s***

I dont know to believe you but I really ment that s***

I dont have time for that mental rewind, I always gotta be fine

You like them mind games but thats irrelevant

My heads got bigger things planned and ima stick to that s***

Life gets hard and I felt that s***;

If said it then I ment on some real s***

Trying is failing anit nothing but to do the s***.

Get up stop complaining;

Open up your sorry eyes

Stop all them crazy lies;

If living is believing then my dreams will never die

Change up the minds of all those whom showed you demise

Now all you got to do is stand up swallow your pride and rise

Show them mother lovers that its no surprise;

But it still aint no reason to be idolized

Love and compassion built from the ashes that came from the world the burned below our asses

Never had a thing handed to me

Always down on one knee praying to God to keep me

Pushing and pushing gotta get thro dont nobody owe you a damn thing but you

Wake up and get it while you still can and always remember to thank the man

He woke you up to prove to you that your purpose in life is far from thru

Hold your head up and do what you do because dont nobday got you like you do

© 2019 Kyah Aljawfi

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