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On My Knees, O My Lord

Donna is a lifelong poet and writer, she shares her love of God, and in helping others draw from His strength to get past life's struggles.

On My Knees, O My Lord

Pen in hand the paper blank with her thoughts
Time ticks by as the clock tick-tocks- the two intertwine
Why does time stand still when your child gets hurt?
Then comes the questions why?

Repeat this emptiness, I feel my heartbreak once again
Dear God, I can’t take this, my heart was on the mend
Oh my God! Hold me still in your arms for the depth is too deep and there is quietness among men

Father, Father carry me through this darkness because I can’t understand something clearly at last
Troubles are deep and I pray for some relief of this pain I can't get past
Dear God, help me because I can’t do this again
I don’t have it in me please carry me to the end... Amen

My child is hurt, my child yet again, how, and why and oh God, please help him because he fell
Heal his brain, heal his thoughts, help him no matter what the cost
Because we've been through this before and O my Lord, dear Jesus I cry out to you now!
Heal his wound, make him better as I cry aloud!

I just can’t sadness, grief as the water fills my eyes with rivers that quake
Tears pour down my face as the waterfalls rushing waters with no words to say
My body shakes as I cry out to you, embrace me in your arms where I feel safe and comfort me this night
Hold my son tight please don’t let him go, oh dear Lord keep him safe we cry out too... show us your Light!

Prayer Warriors take their stand and pray for your Mighty Hand
To touch my child, to heal his brain to stop the blood hemorrhaging once again
God silences the tears, tucks them away ever so gently,
He wipes them away as he heals my son ever so completely...

"Let me paint you a picture - a picture with words"

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of writing poetry!

— Donna Rayne

© 2019 Donna Rayne

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