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On Being Spiritually Serious

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


On Being Spiritually Serious


We truly are our own hidden treasures

our power lies in our ability

to follow path of light and be set free

to understand the depths of our pleasures.

So grateful to a God who lets me live

and feel so deeply every type of joy

to play in life as if I were a boy

my world a gift given out of this love.

I may have gone crazy in ecstasy

but being here is reason to succeed

embrace humanity with all your soul.

With work one climbs the mountain breathlessly

most days our will provides our basic need

when work is pleasure there will be no toll.


These messages from my short solitude

my complicated prayers for my neighbors

always mixed in with my selfish favors

but God will forgive and settle my mood.

Though times are tough and darkness seems the norm

there’s beacons through the storm to lead us through

when reached we find our simple lives anew

a blanket from our Lord to keep us warm.

The testimony of a sudden hush

upon the lives of those I know I love

my hearts desire to give you all I’ve got.

Our bodies and our minds can do so much

our desires strong with willingness to live

and community commitment we sought.


Let poetry provide my reason

a certain calm thats sewn through every psalm

a patience to overcome every qualm

a song to help us sleep through the season.

Each happiness is taken serious

each gift is gracefully accounted for,

to give without a strong desire for more,

each joy a culmination of focus.

Our creative energy our being

one light, my God, holds me in an embrace

the only thing required is my presence.

When simply writing rhymes is found freeing

my energy is spent on sharing grace

I found a life of love just makes more sense.


Nagging on my upward palms, a feeling,

the emotion of a heart felt prayer

when we are weak and open up to bare

our sins up towards a plain white ceiling.

I must believe there is more to enclosure

these boxes calmly packed to hold us here

a space we must give up to feel no fear

with God a vastness beyond erasure.

There is no battle between Science and Faith

with one we see the world through our own lens

the other we find a taste of deeper bliss.

We talk with God while we work on the lathe,

read words written by love’s prophetic pens,

feel Sun, a warmth that fills our heart as kiss.

© 2020 Jamie Lee Hamann

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