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Omnipresent Enlightenment


Humanity, its senses, to see a presence,

With each newest gift, most blessed day.

A beautiful sunset with its grand majesty,

Always marvelous, its wonder on display.

A baby's smile, and its playful gestures,

A representative of new life in every way.

A mother's care seen as she does hold it,

Of love's memories, and forever will stay.


The silver bells, on each Sunday, are ringing,

The angels all in prayer, soon to be singing.

A Message sent across the world, all to hear,

Announcing that the time of worship is so near.

Our gift to see and that we hear, blessed to be,

Given by a Father and His love, of all humanity.

The breath of life, a warmth each one does feel,

Gives us hope, our faith to keep, as we do kneel.


His omnipresence, all of our senses know, is always there,

Each blade of grass, a small creature feels, as all to share.

Wonders of life, their essence felt, we know he does care,

We're all placed here, this earth so dear, in a world so rare.

all rights reserved and protected under copytright laws 2018

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