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Omnipotence And Attitude

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.



The nubs of the broken wings hurt and ached. She was angry.
This beauty had no idea what kind of fate she was headed for.
Her desires were few.
Wasn’t she allowed to have desires?

Aren’t all angels created equal?
Or are they a menagerie held captive like wild animals?
Can’t they escape like birds and fly away?
Where is it they would flee?

As they fly they see eons of universal and worldly dimensions.
We can’t see them, flocks of them flying high, some as dark as the night.
They are just clouds to us but certainly there are angels watching.
And the dimensions created, we are blind to them, too.
Something we’ll never see or do we? I think some ‘see’.

Angels have an energy from within and without that flows to illuminate millions of stars in the night sky. I’m sure they do! That energy has the power to influence circumstances, too, doesn’t it? Is that allowed?

Do they have to answer to the authority of the universe? Do we?
Who is that authority figure, and who is that authority figure to your sense of omnipotence, you ask yourself. Who does this authority figure think they are!?
You don’t have to have a self-worth rival to that omnipotence. That’s why we look up to them, isn’t it?

What is it I want to say?
I want to express thoughts inside and out.
I want to experience life through words and so much more;
To experience the other side of myself, my interior, my inferior, and everything in between, to heal my wings and once again fly with the angels.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak