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Olympic Dreams: A Poetry Challenge

John is a poet and short fiction writer who enjoys collaborating on stories with other writers, and partaking in challenges.


Ten Words That Do Not Perfectly Rhyme With Any Other Word

In his hub 'The Boar and the Wolf' Chris Mills issued a challenge for fellow hubbers to attempt to write a poem with the following ten words that do not perfectly rhyme with any other word.

  • silver
  • purple
  • month
  • ninth
  • pint
  • wolf
  • opus
  • dangerous
  • marathon
  • discombobulate

This poem is my attempt to respond to the challenge.

Olympic Dreams

Olivier trained hard to make the Games’ team.

To compete in the Olympics was his childhood dream.

Four years of devotion was about to pay off

With selection trials at the end of the month.

His favourite movie was Mr Holland’s Opus.

It always inspired him that nothing was hopeless.

The selection of Rio, please let’s elaborate,

Was never meant to discombobulate.


A nickname had stuck; he was called the Black Wolf,

Ever since he once plated his first game of golf.

Of 18 holes played they’d stop after the ninth

To compare best shots and have a quick pint.

Olivier’s form struck a good patch of purple,

His toughest event the 200m hurdles.

Although Rio De Janeiro is known to be dangerous,

As an Olympic venue it really was fabulous.


His specialty event would be the decathlon

But his desire was to win an Olympic marathon.

He hoped to win gold or even silver,

To stand on the podium was the dream of Olivier.

Now it’s all been and gone, the Olympics is done,

And history records how the Black Wolf had won,

Not just the decathlon, and the marathon too,

But the hearts of the spectators like me and you.

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