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Old Friends, Old Foes


We often ponder those days that have all gone by,

when we each were so naive and so very young,

when times seemed so important, were in a hurry,

and poignant in those songs that were then sung.

Nothing counted more in those days than friends,

or just those there only for just our own talking to.

Although some meant a lot more to us back then,

if only the ones counted were to be but just a few.

Now the times of our lives all seem to stand as if still,

and those old memories we so cherished all do fade.

Just who was an enemy then, those who opposed us,

or what made everyone so untrusting and each afraid?

Did their presence then have a more important meaning,

had this trying time back when only to make us strong?

Were these times of lessons learned to overcome them,

as if we were in some way to all have been so wronged?


What of our perceived friendships, those we've made,

were they only meant to be for just once upon a time?

Or have they grown even more strong over these years,

and was there any very good reason for this to rhyme?

Could those old enemies, or others we had so disliked,

now mean much more to us each in our lives of today?

Have we become much better off, and more determined,

the old enemies becoming our real friends, along the way?


Life is so full of many mysteries, as this, we've come to know,

Every fine new day we're alive, our intellects do seem to grow.

Questions and answers not always to be found, now so clear,

Old acquaintances meant so much, back then, were so dear.

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