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Old friend, Stratus

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

Nocturnal - W h o I s I

Nocturnal - W h o I s I

Clouds, you vagabonds

Turn the city in a dullsville

Snooty and uphill

Don't make it rain on what's already washed

Don't shade what's my storm

Don't steal my thunder, my blunder, my chaos

I gyre into my thoughts, bleed till the last drop

To suppress, depress, you're slow at this plod

Clouds, you charlatans

A disorder to my order

Prophetic distortion

Can't defeat a King vanquished many-sides

Can't dishearten an artist who's dreams are a void

Can't threaten a nocturnal with darkness of the night

It's where I thrive, it's how we survive

Maybe, I'll overshadow your plot this time

Clouds, you pantomime

A roller coaster of a ride

Bipolarity with a warning sign

Must see you coming from many a mile

Must wear all faces from one to thirty-nine

Must tell the warm sun, until next time

So you and I, and a huge glass of wine

Can reprise, pen down songs of a turbid life

© 2019 W h o I s I

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