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Old Me And Myself


Dirty Old Man
Look what you've become
The days of old
Forgotten and gone.
You weren't able to find true love
When you were young
You became so rich
And bad words in your tongue.

You use your power and money for lust
Young girls lie down in your gust
Dirty Old Man
What has come to you
You were not like this?
At a time when I was young too
You always want a bliss..
Even the grandma loves you she always gives a kiss.
You were kind and generous..
You believe when you give you become more prosperous.
Old man what have you become?
I hope before our time comes you'll return from where you from.

A day will come for everyone to meet their right appointment...
I hope before you meet yours you have remove the dirt.
For that I'll be happy again to see
that the dirty old man has been set free.

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