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Old Lady Krump

Old Lady Krump

Old Lady Krump

Old Lady Krump

Old Lady Krump

When we were kids we all heard the story of old lady Krump.

Mean Mrs. Krump sat on a stump across the rivers way.

She sat on the stump, it was just a little bit of a hump, passing the time away.

Day in and day out she would sit and pout.

Shouting this wicked phrase:

"Come out, come out, wherever you may be. Jump on my hook and into my tum-tum-tummy."

This would make the children shudder.

For the story goes, she used a hook to kill and eat her brother.

Old lady Krump sat on that stump day after, day after, day.

She carried her yarn.
She carried her hooks.
She walks with a wooden old cane.

She sat on her stump and tied the hook to the yarn and the yarn to the cane.

To all the kids this looked quite insane.

Looking at her jar of worms she would say this wicked phase:

"Get on my hook, and catch me some big babies today. For I am hungry and I need to fill my tummy."

Old lady Krump sat on a stump by that old riverway.

She'd sit and she'd wait until it got late. While cursings the whole night away.

The children would watch and listen. As the hag mumbled and waddled off to her old shack in the woods.

"No luck today perhaps tomorrow, those babies will come out to play. Then I'll have my feast right after I catch the slippery beasts."

"Creeeeeeeek, Smack!" The old screen door slams behind her.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi