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Old Hollywood Style Love Story: Kay and Mike's Tale

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Saw a black and white photo of my grandparents

In the early days of their relationship circa World War II

It showed them full of promise and happy about what was ahead

Sure, there were some uncertain times with him going to war

Unsure of if and when they'll see each other again

Universe made sure that happened for multiple decades

Had six children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to their legacy

Okay, their story isn't on the big screen in any way

Should be though; full of twists and turns to make things interesting

Some family humor to keep people in stitches for some levity

Grandpa and his colorful personality that always shone though

Even when he got into some trouble with my grandmother

Such as shooting a hole through the screen door

Trying to get a groundhog that was close by

Sounded like an element of a cartoon, but it was a true story

My grandfather's videographer skills were interesting at best

Showing angles of the floor, ceiling, sides and some parts of the stage

For each and every one of my dance recitals that I was part of

Supportive in every way of my youthful energy

Embraced me when I splashed him in the swimming pool

Made him laugh and gave us a way to connect with each other

My grandmother was also a pretty unique lady as well

More than just a wife and family matriarch

An educated lady who was an avid golfer and card player

Able to defeat the best of players by mere skill and wits

Full of wisdom and blunt honesty that earned her respect

And the occasional bits of ire for sometimes being too blunt

Well respected none the less by everyone

Back to my grandparents' love story: one that ended much too soon

Cancer felled Mike in such a shocking way; hard to fathom at times

Kay by his side the whole time as she chose to be

She followed him 25 years later on her own terms

Celebrated for her cooking, love and ability to make you laugh

Now, they're together playing card games and golfing

With their favorite long departed players

Wonder who was winning this time around up there

Sure, Kay was giving him a run for his money every chance she got

Would love to find a relationship as dynamic and complex as theirs

Not really clear if that's in the cards for me

Haven't given up hope, but a story that Kay and Mike's can't be repeated

Magic wouldn't be the same; plain and simple

Time to find a different script for my story and remember them in my own way.

Ready to play a game?

Ready to play a game?