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Old Age Sedoka

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


Old Age Sedoka

Old enough to care

yet wrinkled enough to not

stands in torn outlandish cloths

starts scratching himself

staring out over his home

not yet parched in his old skin.

Old woman sits down

while young woman folds laundry

wonders about path through life

will she ever leave

her adolescent daughter

her love holds her heart in check.

A boy kicks a rock

not too far from his mother

working in a humid heat

wants to chase sister

who moved to old woman's lap

so the boy kicks another.

Baby makes him a crib

young woman puts down laundry

Grandma holds her back up straight

boy stands still near trail

as young woman turns to leave

to feed and hold her baby.

© 2022 Jamie Lee Hamann