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Okay. Where Are We Now? Inspirational Poem.

Audrey's desire to help others understand human behavior led her to study psychology. Why do we fear love? Here are answers to this question


Where Are We Now?

Misleading information

Pounding into our minds

A distortion of its own reality.

Everywhere we look

Life is under attack

The world no longer makes sense.

Still, life is worth

The pain endured

New life begins to emerge.

The life we live has a purpose

Look within the brilliance

Of your own being.

Marvel at each breath you take

Look upward

Go forward.

Feel the air from it's fluttering wings

Shades of color within them

Everyday miracles.

Feel as though you've been reborn

A light-filled life

Awaits you.

Through the darkness light exists

Darkness; providing light with the contrast

Light needs to shine.

We need each other

Together we can break through the negativity

Sharing uplifting thoughts and deeds.

Where are we now?

We can choose to live in fear

Or reframe negativity.

We can look at the doughnut

The frosting and sprinkles

And less at the unremarkable hole


© 2021 Audrey Hunt

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