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Ok to Start Again

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as the day fades away
into shades of grey
all the black and white
confuses wrong and right
like a memory
of what it means to me
like a mystery
just like a dream

now I'm wide awake
feels like a big mistake
but I start again
i won't break, just bend
and I'll start the day
hope it goes my way
better odds it will probably end
the same

we don't understand the game
we don't want to play
but we have no choice
yet we have a voice
and we can make a plan
to start again

don't try to run away
be strong, be brave
don't fear those shades of grey
understand it's just the way
remember that being lost
it's too great a cost
take some time to find
your peace of mind

And you need to love again
you need to find a friend
you need to keep in mind
that there will be a sign
and it will come to you
and show you what to be
and who you are
wait and see...

Maybe you don't understand the game
Maybe you don't want to play
Maybe we have no choice
But I believe we have a voice
and we can make a plan
to start again.

We can make a plan
to start again.

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