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Ok. But Not Really

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


How many years has it been? It is still present in her life. Until now. It won't let her go. It controls her. Vulnerable, it says. Yet she is far more stronger. But she becomes weak when it visits her. "Insecurities" That is what people say. She loves her flaws. She does. But from time to time It always reminds her That this thing is just attached to her. Even since she was little. How do you limit yourself from feeling insecure? Are there tips? Her teacher once gave her a tip. Look in the mirror, she said. "I am beautiful" "I am loved" "I am contented with what I have" And she said to say these things. Every morning. She tells herself that. But nothing. She still feels the same. How could she not? She compares herself to other girls. She tries not to. Instead, it completely takes over her. How could she not? She sees them and they are pretty. Even the ones whom he had a thing with. But anyways. I see her. Her pains. Her tears. Because I am her. Though I am accepting these flaws. Bit by bit. There are just some days Where I feel ok but not really.