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Oh wind!

A writer, vlogger and poet; that nitezens named him as a "lunatic poet".


Oh, wind!


Oh, wind! Whisper the words that I long to say with her;

the mesmerizing words that perhaps could ablaze her feelings,

the feelings that would clothe her inner soul with love,

the love that would live in her heart and controls the mind,

so this intangible one would glow through her actions,

the actions that would show to me her deepest emotions,

the emotions that would bind our souls to become one,

the oneness of two souls that is needed,

for this eternal world of love to live.


Oh, wind! Carry this message of love that's sealed with my kiss

and tell me back how her eyes perceived it

for in her eyes is the window where I could see and feel

her inner soul and affection if it is real.


Oh, wind! Kiss her for me after hearing these words,

so she may know and caress the warmth of my love.


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