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Oh My Pain You Are Making Me Rebellious

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.



The Season Of Autumn

My heart is aching with anguish.

I am the one who has lost the battle with fate, and

My tears are streaming down— what a rain!

How would a queen rule in the absence of a king?

I am the one who has been subjugated by fate.

What shall I do— Far I am from you,

The pain is severe, and I can't seem to find you.

Oh, my heartache, you'd make me rebellious.

Teach me how to walk the path of Love.

Then teach me the art of forgetting.

I've lost this battle with fate.

Without a king, how could this kingdom of the heart reign?

My ankles are bound — Oh! the fashions of this world.

And I exist in a world of dreams

I don't know what to do a lot of the time.

Oh my pain you are turning me rebellious

Is it the dust or my loneliness —

Every moment feels like the season of autumn.

What a time of separation—

The leaves are falling every moment.

Tell me: How can I help myself?

I'm far from you, and

Neither I found a way out, nor I have you.

Oh, my torments, you've turned me into a rebel.


© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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