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Oh death, who is your next of kin?


Where have you gone
I thought you'd be back by now
You told me you'll.

Is this the end of time ?
What a bloody occurrence
I can hear the sound of pains and sorrows.

I can't write my grieve
I saw human beings laying lifelessly
I saw body parts and bones scattered along the streets.

The gutters channeling blood flows
Tears was raining amidst blood
Sound of cries was like a trumpet blown.

Oh death, who is your next of kin?

It's too early for a sunset
I can't lament less
I felt the torture.

I can't imagine how to bear this loss
Years of striving to be better ended up bitter
Tabs of unanswered questions popping up.

I hope we get to remember y'all forever
The reason behind your ashes shouldn't be in vain
God was watching.

© 2019 Christopher Ndulue