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Oh, Death!

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The only thing that makes no distinction is death.... Death, so longed for... or is it?

We are born, we grow, we reproduce and we die, a chant that never ceases.
We are born to forge ourselves, in a world of hardship and joy alike.
We grow to bring favorable or unfavorable elements alike.
We reproduce by nature and survival
And we die...
We die because nature demands it

Death, death and more death
Death, so insensitive
Death, so daily
Death, so painful

A child, a grandmother and a death
The little girl had her life full of love
The grandmother had the child's life full of joy and laughter
A little walking detonator, the grandmother carried in her lungs
An agonizing fear for the first time for the little girl
A recovery for the grandmother
A time of joy and laughter

A time of plans for the girl and the grandmother, ecstasy and happiness.
The little girl walked around ignorant, took her time for granted
The little girl divided her time, she had grown up
The little girl loved her grandmother
Grandma wouldn't give up her little trigger, it hurt her lungs
A dangerous relapse for the grandmother
A distressing fear for the child
A great degree of hope, her grandmother would succeed
A crushing visit for the child
Death for the grandmother

Death, death and more death
A crushed child
Big dreams broken
Deep pain
Nature made its call.

Luzdary Sanjuanelo Acuña

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