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Oh Yes We Can!!!!!

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All around us wherever we are

People are worried;can we cope?


All around us whoever we are

Blurred is life’s kaleidoscope.


Doubting one’s strength is no way

We must avoid that slippery slope.


The message here is so clear

Holding on to faith and hope.


Coronavirus we will beat you

Onwards with hope we’ll fight through

Raise our heads and stand up strong

Onwards and upwards our journey along

Never ever losing heart

A strength so great from the start

Voices loud will combat fear

Indecisions will not interfere

Round the world our message clear

United and victorious stands the clan

Sharing the message “Oh yes we can!”

I have a day off from my work as a domiciliary carer today and seeing as the sun is shining my afternoon is going to be spent in the garden giving the plants that are starting to burst into life a little TLC. It is important to carry on nurturing the beautiful things in life.

Lots of love to you all from my little corner of Wales.

Stay strong and stay safe.

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