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Oh! This Melancholy

Philosophical questions often arise in our minds and make us restless for the answers, but these questions generally remain unanswered.

Oh! This melancholy,
How will this pain end
Of unexplained circumstances
And efforts going in vain.

Rays of the Supreme ball of fire,
Eventually flashes on the truth
Still lies manage to hide
Beneath the clouds.

One loses its life to save humanity
One takes a million lives to prove his nationality
Finding the most precious stone is a challenge
But something nowhere found is spirituality.

Original self is lost in the mob
Busy collecting statements from biased crowd
No one cares for the real heart
Which is always left behind or brutally torn apart.

As the sun departs my hopes go high
Like every new beginning is marked
By the end of all sighs.

May this sunset answer all my doubts
Because this is the test of the existence of
The Almighty Lord!

Smruti Lemade

© 2021 Smruti Lemade

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