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Oh! Mother's Day.

It started as hobby, then published my works in souvenirs, now entering the international arena writing has become my passion. Encourage me.


Mommy! mommy, are you there,
Everyone says, its Mother's Day,
I see you mother busy everyday,
Why, all tell me its mother's Day.

Why all, name you by a day,
When all, are your loving days,
Who calls me with care, "my child."
Who beckons, with love and joy.

Let every season have all days,
You be in my thoughts and plays,
To know its not mommy's day,
I in tears to know, not a mother's day


You hold my palms to kiss,
Your lips touch, petals of rose,
Your fragrance so rich and floral,
Your words, sound as sweetie birds.

The food you give me everyday,
Tells me that your taste is there,
The night blanket, when me you wrap,
Tells me that your warmth is there.

When I miss you mommy anywhere,
My tears, wet to close my eyes,
I see you mommy, in my tear drops,
Rolling on my face, to give me wash.


The newest dress you choose for me,
With gifts, you wish happy birthday,
The song, you put me to sleep,
I think is best from all festive days.

The days, I felt sad and depressed,
The exam hall, when faced a question tough,
The nightmare, gave me the frightful scream,
The word first bubbled was "mother" in me.

Mother you are Goddess of my life,
You have borne all pains, to see me smile,
Mother you have eyes, open for me,
You never did rest, or have a peaceful mind,


Mommy your plans are strong enough,
To secure my promises and golden life,
I be a soldier, or teacher of motherland,
Spreading message to be brave and learn't.

Mommy, when you are there everyday,
How I wonder, why they name this day,
Oh! now I know, why call Mother's Day,
To wish all mothers and hug today.


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