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Oh Mi Alma


Oh Mi Alma

Oh, my soul, I am not alone you are the place where I can go, a place I have been shown, a place that my father opened to me, a place where I can meet him and listen to him speak

Oh, my soul, I am not alone you are the place where I can go and face God alone, everyone should know of this pleasant place, that carries so much Love, contentment and grace.

Oh, my soul age is going by, time is moving on, the wind is gently flowing by, my eyes have seen and detailed every experience of my life.

Oh, my soul, I am not alone through the passages that flow, I enter a majestic floor, where there is a connection to me, my creator God sits on a throne with much sovereignty so splendidly.

Oh, my soul when days grow cold and I want arms to hold, through your door I see, my father waiting for me, with arms so comforting, I am so used to going that I need no invitation.

Oh, my soul now that I am matured I've been told the truths of all matters, I've been given a tool to teach it comes like a spiritual supper, to teach through each day in all passages of ways.

Oh, my soul, I am not alone behind your golden door lays a place for me, where I stand so freely, to listen to what is said, and after I am given a loving touch from caring hands on the crown of my head.

Oh, my soul if only others were conscious enough to know, where they too can go, to a place where the spiritual meets the natural a golden star embedded inside that is the real heart of the body, the soul that channels father's voice through telepathy.

© 2020 The Eloquent Heart Writer