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Oh, How Do I Love Thee


Oh, How Do I Love Thee

Oh, how do I love thee my heart will go through replay, I will love thee from the height of my desire and the depth of my soul's core, I will Love thee forevermore.
The height that my voice will reach as I sit before you and our eyes will lovingly meet.
To the beginning and end of days, I love thee and my heart will show it with much gratitude and appreciating grace.
I love thee with all my sensitive being, a spotless love that is glowing, shining and clean.
I love thee with an everlasting love, delicate hands hugging gently like precious doves flying above.
I love thee with a special heart, and my body is giving off a radiant spark.
Until our transformation days, and long after until we meet in the spiritual realms of pathways.
I love thee more each day and my love will continue to brighten and secure our way.

© 2020 The Eloquent Heart Writer

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