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Officially in Love; Officially Undefined Human Mystery

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A strange and new sensation has arrived on this Thursday evening

And made its way into this private and daily narrative

Sounded like a plot twist from a cheesy cable television movie

A generic but realistic obstacle that got knocked away

Within an easy, but compact two hour running time

Okay, 95 minutes with a slew of commercials

Picture was still the same nonetheless

Boy and girl meet unexpectedly and date for a while

They get to know each other and come to terms if it was love

Or something less likely than just a random impulse

A thirst that needed to be quenched; a feeling of not being alone

Once that curtain comes down; reality stripped barer than a Playboy model

Overcoming personal foibles and embracing everything all at once

That's the true power of a reality based relationship

Looking at the facts and accepting everything as they are

Not what Hollywood or greeting cards deemed them to be

Sure, insecurities when you look in the mirror come into play often

One glance in the bathroom mirror can shatter your self confidence

Your butt may be bigger than you'd prefer or your smile a little awkward

Despite everything your partner may say as the opposite

Your other half might feel they belong in a museum, which was not true

You loved that touch of grey in their hair; thought it provided seasoning

And was rather sexy to run your fingers through it whenever necessary

Meeting in the middle should be the cornerstone of any relationship

A cooperative partnership laced with a seesaw that went up and down

Depending on the average circumstances of course

Sometimes they might be the anchor; other times the role was yours

Worked to balance the scales of power in both directions where no side

Was stronger than the other one

Nice to have a survived personal triumphs and individual setbacks

With the support of a person who deserved to be loved

Tired of others predicting the game before the players step out onto the field

Of how and when the bases will be run at the World Series

Whether in Fenway Park or at the local grocery store

When the two most important players don't even know themselves

Commentators in the skybox should focus on the game at hand

And keep their stereotypical opinions to themselves

It's much safer that way; so the game won't be poisoned before it's played.

Stacked odds created the 1919 Black Sox Scandal; let's not do it again.

Ready? Let's play ball.

Ready? Let's play ball.

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