Office Christmas RHYMES

Updated on December 4, 2017

Merry Christmas to all

— Ryan Cornelius

Office Christmas Party

JOSH PARKER is a Chief Technical Officer.
Is sitting down with his lawyer.
Finalizing his divorce with his wife.
For the holidays he will have a new life.
Walking into work feeling the Christmas spirit.
But CAROL comes in an kills it.
She promises to make some changes.
Gathers her superiors to discuss it.
She may lay off much of the staff.
But her brother CLAY wants to keep the staff.
Between Clay and Carol, there's a disagreement.
That disagreement harbors resentment.
Carol believes she was her fathers favorite.
She threatens to shut down the whole operation.
Clay then promises them all.
That they will not fall.
They meet with a financial tycoon.
WALTER DAVIS, the meeting goes smooth.
But he's concerned about another branch.
Which happens to be Josh branch.
Feeling the company is more about money.
Josh thought it will help by inviting.
Inviting him to the party.
That Clay is busy planning.
Hoping to show him that his company.
Is and will be in good standing.
Meanwhile, Carol is leaving town.
Offering Josh a position on her side of town.
Confident that her brother will fail.
Clay funds the entire thing.
Much to the Help of his friend Mary.
Along with Joel and DJ Duty.
In full support of the Party.
The party starts off struggling.
Clay dresses as Santa and is crashing.
The DJ tries to hype it up.
But the party ends up.
As one of the worst parties starting out.
Tracey thinks she figured it out.
She invites JIMMY BUTLER.
But something special was in store for Walter.
Once Walter arrived.
He was shown around inside.
Clay vows for the party to be more hyped.
So they plan to do something with spice.
They put cocaine in the snowblower.
From the roof, they start the snowblower.
Walter is doused with cocaine.
The Cocaine falls down like rain.
It looked like it was snow.
Walter thought it was part of the show.
As the Party went on.
Various employees were gone.
Despite it, Walter blends in.
While Carol tries leaving.
Clay wins over Walter.
He promises everyone soon after.
Over time, the playground's chaotic.
The employees forget morals an ethics.
Damaging company property.
Employees are partaking in orgies.
Carol's attempt to leave fails.
She rushes back to the office and hears.
Hears about the party.
By a driver that's taking.
Taking her to the office.
She took many others to that office.
Eventually, she shows up.
With her brother, she is fed up.
Fed up because she wanted no party.
She finds that Walter's at the party.
She's impressed with getting his business.
But after injuring himself it's ended.
Carol and Clay have a discussion.
He finds he was fired in the discussion.
Carol terminates clay's branch.
Then takes the best in his branch.
Josh angrily says no.
While Clay gets emotional.
He starts heavily drinking.
Then goes with a thief to a party.
That thief wanted to rob Clay.
His friends raced to save clay.
More employees learn of the termination.
Which leads to everyone believing.
Believing that they'd lose their jobs.
They don't want to lose their jobs.
So they destroy all company property.
What ever's insight they are burning.
The party has to be shut down.
The behavior has is way out of bounds.
They eventually save Clay.
The thieves are taken away.
The Jobs of the team are saved.
The destroyed office remade.

Jason Bateman
Josh Parker
Jennifer Anniston
Carol Vanstone
T.J Miller
Clay Vanstone
Jimmy Butler

Will Speck/Josh Gordan


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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