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Off To Bed At Five In The Afternoon


For All The Good Reasons

Not tired even though we got up early

Not sick even that was a good idea

Just wanted to kick back under the sheets

A husband and wife specialty

Where we get to connect

Rekindle an old flame

Add a little spice to our life

Forget about our responsibilities

Defining what really matters

Creating one smile after another

Like a buffet where the choices our overwhelming

In a good way

When all said and done

Getting up at seven

Both floating like two helium balloons

Up, up and up

Off in two different directions

To enjoy the rest of the night

I go on the computer to write

My wife watching her lovely cooking shows

Finding the things that make our life wonderful

Practicing them as often as we can


DREAM ON (author) on November 19, 2020:

Brenda Arledge So many things can happen in one day. I can't even comprehend all that happens during our lifetime. I hit my highs followed by my lows. Hoping to change that steady in the middle ( where anything goes). There is no stopping. A few times I am lucky to slow down. Only to speed up again. Each day trying to make another day feel right. I appreciate all the wonderful comments that keep helping me along. A caring thought and a few words that point me in the next direction. Whereas many times as I have done before I will do it again. Have a beautiful sleep. One that makes all our dreams possible.

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