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Off In A Distance

i See A Man Gathering Wood

He is walking around his yard

Picking up fallen tree branches and smaller sticks

Dressed in black pants and what once was a white shirt

Now it is all marked up and dirty

I wonder why he has a smile on his face ?

I can't see anybody with him

Although I can hear him talking to himself

At first I thought he was singing

Because the words had a nice ring to them

There was a few words that rhymed but not many

I have been listening to him for hours

They are different words every time

It is music to his ears

I have never heard of the stories that he speaks

Part story part poem

It could be called a Stoem

Even though I understand where he is coming from

He speaks of the truth

What it is like to live in the world today

It is not always easy

Sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt

There is a strange mystery to life

One that few people try to understand or get to think about

He shoos away a bug from his head

Instantly he starts talking about bugs

What reason do they have to be in this world

I guess the same reason I have to be here

What makes us so special and unique

A bug lives the life it knows

Trying to survive

In any circumstance

It does not judge

It does not curse the world for being difficult

It accepts it's differences from the world around it

A lesson we should all learn

It would be wonderful if we stopped the bickering

The needless chatter

A bug makes a sound

I am not sure if it is a mating call

It could be a warning to other bugs

Not to do what it did

Stay away at all costs

Why would it tell other bugs

When they wouldn't tell him

If they were in the same predicament

It doesn't matter

This bug can't have any education

It is simple one of billions of bugs

On the outside it looks plain and ordinary

Inside it is something really special

I see a fire burning

The middle aged man adds wood to the fire

The fire burns bright at times

The flames soar high in the air

Then other times it looks as if it is almost burnt out

Within seconds from the last moment

I see the flames burst into new heights

Unexpected and quite scary

Even the man steps back in surprise

He adds as many pieces as he can

Into this small back yard fire pit

By slowly removing the cover

Sometimes he puts so much in

He uses a poker to move the burnt ones around

By turning them over

So they burn evenly on the other side

I never heard of such a thing

The wood came from a bigger branch

Separated from what once was alive and well

That could be many years old

It's not it's fault it became broken

The day is extremely hot

I see the man stop to drink

What I first thought was water

Then as I move in closer for a clearer picture

It is a form of water

Gaterade or Powerade

To help the man keep hydrated

Replacing the electrolytes he has lost

He is out there for hours

With all the bending

He has to be exhausted

The rest of the yard shows very little activity

The light from the fire lights up the world in darkness

Giving it new meaning

I know this man well

Because I am this man

It is not until after midnight

When I finally come in from the outside

Ready for a refreshing and quite cleansing shower in many ways

Washing off the smoke and the soot

Only part of the remains from a pile of debris

I noticed something

I have clearly missed

There were a few pieces put aside and not burned

I wonder if were chosen because of their odd shape

Their strength because they could not be broken into a smaller piece and added like the rest

To the burning pile

In the fire I see a ball of energy

Always sparkling and sometimes crackling

Making the most of the oxygen that feeds on naturally

Four hours later

A waste of time when we could be on Facebook and on Twitter

Talking to people we really don't even know

Telling them about our experience

Showing thousands of pictures

Capturing each second as it happens

Instead we chose to unknowingly

To go to HubPages instead

Hours from the actual incident

Recalling from memory

What actually went on in my head

Skillfully trying to attract readers who I haven't seen before

To open up the door I like to call imagination

Where anything and everything does happen

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