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"Of Storms and Rainbows"

Once upon a time, there was a lovely little girl.

As she gazed at the blue skies and feathery clouds seemingly walking with her all day long, she asked her Mom.

"Mama, why do the clouds walk with me? Why does the moon follow me everywhere I go at night?"

Her Mama smiled and whispered gently to her ear.

"Soon, dearie. You will understand why" and kissed her on the forehead.

That evening, she stared at the twinkling stars and tried to count them, falling asleep with so many whys.

Thunderstorms came. Lightning blinded her that made her so much afraid of the rain.

"Mama why do the clouds suddenly shouted and cried hard at me? Have I done something wrong?"

With a deep sigh, Mama hugged her tightly and sang her a lullaby.

The little lovely girl had fallen asleep in her Mama's lap, full of tears in her eyes.

She was chilling when she woke up but was amazed with the colorful rainbows in the sky, like her colorful crayons dancing with joy.

"Mama! Now I understand", smiling widely, with sparkling eyes.

From then on, she was no longer afraid of the storms.

She would jump in the rain and feel the cold droplets run through her face.

From then on, she believed storms will soon be replaced with rainbows.

From then on, she walked under the rain, no umbrellas, no raincoats and boots, all alone.

From then on, she started to do things that she's afraid of, even if it means being alone.

Because she believed, the rainbow will come back smiling at her, bringing greater surprises she could ever have.

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