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Odes to Fotini, Ioannis Arvanitis (Sean Dragon's) Wife. Tuesday's Inspiration 2, a Soulful Offering


Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

"To Her whose life-story is purifying,
To Her whose life breathes purity,
To Her who is verily purity embodied,
To Her our repeated salutations." -Swami Abedhananda



Ode to Fotini

I saw a Yogini dressed all in white;

Not as the Seer visions, but a

Gentle breath upon the breeze.

Pure, Unsullied … immaculate,

Fotini’s piety and honour shone

Upon the light winds of Heidelberg.

Devotion par excellence, Surya carries

Your banner of Light – a sweet sacrifice

For your husband’s sojourn;

A diamond raiment, for your children’s joy.

O song-bird of the soul, onwards you march,

Ceaselessly steering the golden boat of Love –

The unparallel lustre of the Spirit. Lantern says:

“I salute your Heart’s radiance and your gratitude flames.”

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 14th October, 2018.

Ioannis and family

Ioannis and family

Ode to The Cadence of Dao: The Cosmic Prelude

Good memories, will always be rewarded;

Each song is a tapestry, on the calligraphy of Being.

I’m amazed by the rhythm of grasshoppers;

Respond to the dazzling ballet, of sunflower twirls.

When the moon wanes; lovers lament the loss of the

Nights lustre; the twinkling stars, gradually fade away.

Yet my Heart continues to pen the joys of happiness,

While cradling the eloquence of Love.

Deep and ceaseless longings, like rings of fire,

Agonises the Spirit; both day and night.

Waves of Light push forth within my soul.

Cadence is the symphony of the Cosmos, says Lantern.

String quartets soaring in all directions,

Blending with the melody of enduring Love.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier


Mother's Loving Sacrifice

"I hear the melody of Love,

Spilling its sacred drops-concern,

On the river of anxieties created,

By the naivete of its children.

Of such is mother's sacrifice for her own, very own." -Manatita

The ideal of womanhood

© 2018 manatita44


Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on November 11, 2018:

My dear brother Rodric, these sublime poems are for every Fotini ( it means Luminous in Greek) of the world, not just for the one I am blessed to have by my side. So I am sure that is about your wife too.

Love embraces you all times!


manatita44 (author) from london on November 11, 2018:

Haha. Don't upset Sean. Chuckle. Actually yes, as knowing you, your wife will be a very righteous woman. Thank you so much!

Rodric Anthony Johnson from Surprise, Arizona on November 11, 2018:

This was beautiful. I get distracted from life each time I read your poems. I am so glad I started reading poems again. I know this was for Fotini, but I think those words apply to my wife as well. Every righteous woman. Blessings

manatita44 (author) from london on October 25, 2018:

Hi Peggy.

Ioannis is my friend and his family a model of loyalty and harmony. That spirit always touches me. Thank you so much!

Yes Dana. Don't think I got through though.

Please go easy when you can. Actually, I may even have another hub here for you. Have a look. Peace.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 25, 2018:

You give gifts to those you honor with your words of poetry and it is easy to see that you touch many lives from their responses. Well done as always!

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on October 17, 2018:

I never knew that Manatita. Did you try to contact me through through email? I've been working a lot and haven't been checking my emails as much. When I'm off, I try to catch up on hubpages as well as my emails.

manatita44 (author) from london on October 17, 2018:

Ah! God was preparing us. I came out of the Temple at Heidelberg in perhaps an exalted state. I looked up and the first person I saw was a disciple in a white sari. I immediately thought of a sublime purity and your wife came to mind.

I was not thinking of her, but I have read the many nice things you say to me and others about her. The poem also started coming. So here we are. Such a small world of Consciousness, after all

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on October 17, 2018:

I know my brother. The amazing thing is that some years before I had given her a picture of Surya and I told her that for me is a priestess of Surya in Greece! So you can understand her surprise when she read your poem!

My Heart says the thank you that my words can't express!

To the blessed day, we will meet each other!


manatita44 (author) from london on October 17, 2018:

My Brother,

I get so much joy when people understand the Spirit of what I'm trying to say! Of course I expect no less from you. You know that Surya is the sun-god of course, and that the sun is life-giving …. it represents the all-nourishing, sustaining … all-illumining Light. I utilised fully the Spirit of her name and Consciousness.

Love to you all in this beautiful Greece. See you one day.Shalom!

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on October 17, 2018:

My dear sister, Dana, thank you for your wonderful comment! It is a great honor to both of us! I don't know if I am a good man yet, but she is a great woman! Not only fair wind to my wings but my everyday sunshine. That's why I call her Sunny, my Sunny one. We are together from high school, and every year since then she evolves her Love to something higher to embrace me, our four sons and all the world. As my brother wrote:

"Devotion par excellence, Surya carries

Your banner of Light – a sweet sacrifice

For your husband’s sojourn;

A diamond raiment, for your children’s joy."

She, of course, humble as she is, says that is not as good as should be and that is why she surprised so much with the great honor from my brother Manatita. Her devotion to Love is a living example to me!

Grace upon you and your beloved ones!


manatita44 (author) from london on October 16, 2018:


I wrote to you three times and it still didn't go. I wanted to ask what you thought about sharing your gift of writing. You have much to offer to life.

Behind every good woman, stands a good man or rather a good woman will always bring out the best in man.

Your sentiment is lovely! I thank you so much! Much Love.

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on October 16, 2018:

What a beautiful tribute to Sean Dragon's wife. I'm sure she is the wind beneath her husbands wings. Or, as I love to say. -Behind every good man, stands a good woman-.


manatita44 (author) from london on October 16, 2018:

Gratitude ... gratitude ... gratitude, like the video or rather the life-breath of God. You, me... Bill ... we are all in different places, but our Hearts come together to blend and serve.

So thrilled to hear that your wife loved my two pieces. Who is worthy if not us? We are all the Master's children... His candles of the Light. Glory be!

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on October 16, 2018:

Yes, my beloved Brother and teacher, this is the definition of surprise!

This is the best gift someone could offer me!

I am trying for half an hour now to find some words to describe the Light and the Joy that fill my heart because of this gift of Love! Because sure I can't find words to thank you! But I know that the best thank you is the face of my Fotini while she was reading your poems! She is so touched of your Love and she would like to have a way to thank you.

She said: "I am so unworthy of such an honour but the sacredness of the Love of this gift can make me try more to became worthy!"

You can do magic, brother! Because your Heart is a place where God lives!

You've made a great gift to my boys too, who are so proud of their mother!

I have no words, really, just that I Love you!

Love never run out of miracles!


Dear brother Bill, thank you for your words which are another great gift in this huge gift! Your admiration is one of the greatest honours of my life! You know that you have mine too along with my Love! I want you to know that you and Bev have a home here in Greece, my home is yours too. Anytime you like! Greece is beautiful!

Peace brother!


manatita44 (author) from london on October 16, 2018:

Indeed, Mary. Thank you. I am essentially a spiritual and mystical poet. Appreciated.


So cute, so charming. I will take that Love.Thank you so much!

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on October 16, 2018:

Once again, words flowing from the Spirit. I love many of the phrases you use as they do express the depth of the soul.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 16, 2018:

I am still spinning emotionally from the kindness of your last Hub. Now I am confronted by a tribute about a man of peace, written by a man of peace, two men I admire greatly. Peace be with you both, always, and a pinch of love thrown into the mix for good measure.

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